10 Real Reasons Your Child isn’t Speaking Your Language

By Ricardo Cuevas on October 27, 2014 in Learn Spanish for Kids with No Comments

10 Real Reasons Your Child isn’t Speaking Your Language

Some kids take to a language easier than others. Are you seeing this in your home? Here are the 2 of the top 10 reasons… You find any spoilers here though you’ll need to see the source link for the whole list:

10. Patience: Give it some time!  You and your child both have to get used to this.  Even if you are a native speaker of your child’s minority language, it can take a while to figure things out.  And once you are completely on board, take the journey one step at a time.  Don’t rush your child, it will only make things worse.  Remember, you are raising a multilingual child, not trying to win a race!

9. Comfort: Do you or your child feel uncomfortable speaking the language?  Make sure you don’t embarrass your child by asking her to speak the language out loud in front of others or to use the language in uncomfortable situations.  Start in the comfort of your own home and go from there.  Sometimes it is the parent who is uncomfortable using a minority language with his/her children, even if it is a native language.  If this applies to you or your child, then talk about it as a family.  Work out the areas which cause the most embarrassment or why it might feel uncomfortable.

see more at http://www.multilingualliving.com/2010/05/18/top-10-reasons-your-children-not-speaking-your-language/

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