A common misconception on Reading Spanish

By Ricardo Cuevas on December 2, 2011 in child reading blog with 1 Comment

children are geniuses, reading is keyYour kid has to be a genius to learn to talk before the age of three! But fortunately kids are geniuses. Once we stop underestimating our children’s capabilities then you quickly realize that your child went from speaking only a few words at the age of one, and then transformed into a fluent speaker in a matter of months. By creating the correct environment, one that is rich in stimulation and has direct correlation between spoken and written language, you will be amazed by what your child can do. Reading is simply an extension of a child’s natural language abilities. As parents it is our duty to provide the right tools for our children. In far too many cases, our expectations are set too low and because of that, we are shorting our children of educational opportunities and stimulus.

Gaining literacy is a tool that provides your child with a key to unlock an entirely new world of knowledge. A child does not need to be a genius to learn how to read. However, it is reading specifically that can be a key to unlocking a child’s inner genius. By unlocking millions of volumes of knowledge your child has unlimited access to this knowledge at an early age, just the same way he learned to communicate at an early age.

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