Benefits for baby before first birthday

By Ricardo Cuevas on October 16, 2011 in child reading blog with 1 Comment

Bilingualism shows benefits beyond the ability to speak a new language:

New research according to Princeton Neuroscientist Sam Wang shows Bilingual toddlers have an improved ability to resolve “conflict cues.” In other words, their minds are more flexible – better able to unlearn previously learned rules in light of new, conflicting information.

Cognitive science has demonstrated that all learning is, to a great extent, a process of unlearning – of redefining the schema we use to mentally represent and categorize the world. [My understanding of an “Adult” changed and evolved as I grew up and eventually changed entirely when I became an adult myself]. According to schema theory, then, bilingual kids have a learning advantage in that their schemata are more flexible than they would be without the benefits of early second-language acquisition.

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spanish is beneficial for kids






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