Bilingual Children: One Reason They Should Really, Really, Really Start Young

By Ricardo Cuevas on April 24, 2014 in Learn Spanish for Kids with 1 Comment

Bilingual Children: One Reason They Should Really, Really, Really Start Young

 Whenever I’m speaking to a school or a parent that is interested in using the Kid Start program I usually run down a whole list of reasons to start teaching Spanish at an early age. But I’d never heard or read it stated in such a simple and succinct manner as I did when reading through this article, my apologies if I drop you straight into the meat of her article but I really love this quote: 

“….Why do I bother to explain all of this? Because of this: My children can only do what they do now because they have had years and years of developing their language skills. They can only now engage in more complex discussions in the [non-native language] because they have had years and years of becoming familiar with the language, adding new words and grammar slowly and methodically over many years.

If they were [just now starting, when they’re older] they would be faced with an enormous gap between what they would want to say and what they actually could say. This is what makes language learning so painful. Instead, they are able to express themselves in [the non-native language], filling in vocabulary holes here and there rather than feeling like they need to traverse deep crevasses.

So when people ask me why we should start our children young with a language, I say that it is so that our children will have a chance to develop their language skills over a long period of time.”

to see the full article go to It was great for me to hear it come from someone other than myself and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the read as well.

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  1. jan

    June 6, 2014 at 4:48 am · Reply

    I've always thought they should start young but I've been slacking! i'll get on it!

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