Find The Iguana in the picture – Free Spanish learning game

By Ricardo Cuevas on July 22, 2014 in Learn Spanish for Kids with No Comments

Find The Iguana in the picture – Free Spanish learning game

On our second Kid Start field trip to Puerto Rico we decided to start playing games to teach the children new words in Spanish. Today we’ll start with the first one we used during the actual trip. Iguanas are fairly common on the island although technically being an invasive species brought from South America. 

We decided to start with the Iguana since it is pronounced the same in both English and Spanish. The key here is to expose the child to a new animal that is not commonly found in other parts of the world, while teaching them a new word for their vocabulary. This particular is Iguana is very well camouflaged with his environment, which means you’ll have all the more fun trying to find him! 

To learn more about our Spanish learning field trips please use our contact us page to find out more! Enjoy the game!

Caleb found the iguana, can you find the iguana in this picture?

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