How to have a successful child in one easy step and it’s free!

By Ricardo Cuevas on May 3, 2012 in Learn Spanish for Kids with 2 Comments

How to have a successful child in one easy step and it’s free!

This factoid was stunning: The average middle class child enter first grade with approximately 1,000 hours of being read to, while the corresponding child from a low-income family averages just 25 of those hours. CNN goes on to report that just “having a larger number of books available in the home can be of great advantage”. I tend to disagree with this particular statement since my child logs a good number of hours each week and they all come from library books. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t like to keep a large number of books around. Particularly since once we’ve covered a particular book for a certain amount of time, my child will lose interest in the book completely. At my house, we make regular trips to the library and bring books home by the truckload. Can you believe there is no limit to the number of books that you can checkout at your local library? With the online resources being such that I can find out which location in my county has any given book at any given time, it is so easy now a days to find exactly the book you want. Matter of fact, my library provides a delivery service where they will actually locate the book and deliver it to you next day! With resources like that I can’t find an excuse for the divide between lower income and middle income families. I understand that to some extent lower-income families spend a larger share of their time just trying to make enough money to “get-by” and oftentimes one of the first things sacrificed is the learning habits of the children. That being said, like anything else in life, if we give it the due importance we can “make time” for those things that are truly important. Spending time reading and teaching your child is certainly worthy of being at the top of your priorities list.

Research has also shown that teaching your child a new language can have Impressive cognitive advantages as well as long term benefits in the mental health, logic and even their physical health. Libraries provide assistance in this regard as well. I go and pick-up tons of books for kids in Spanish. Again, they’re free, and they’re good! You just can’t beat that price. It’s amazing what you’ll learn about your kid if you read to them. It’s amazing to see their imagination take the words on the page and translate it into the child’s own vivid machinations. I know where my kid’s imagination goes. Straight to Dinosaurs, whether we’re reading Dr. Seuss, a book about snakes or even helicopters. The main character will end up fighting a T-Rex at some point in between the pages :).

Foreign languages however, can be a bit tougher for two main reasons. First, if the parent is not aware of the particulars of a language then it is obviously harder to pass on that knowledge. Secondly, parents often feel embarrassed in pronouncing particular words, because perhaps they’re not pronouncing it exactly right. Regarding the second problem, I always say, don’t worry! Don’t take it so seriously. Before long your child will pickup the correct pronunciation and he’ll be correcting you. But if you don’t show a basic interest in them learning a new language, they definitely won’t see the importance. The important part is to take advantage of this valuable time. As for the first problem, The Kid Start Spanish provides everything you could need to start your child on the right track. And YES! it does have correct pronunciation, all of the child actors in the program are native speakers from a diverse number of countries whom were selected specifically for their perfect pronunciation.

This is not to say that you can just pop in a DVD and your child will start speaking in tongues as if he’s been possessed by some language god. Just like any other skill, language learning skills take time and involvement. Kid Start Spanish merely breaks the learning curve to make Spanish accessible for kids and adults alike. The sheer amount of ways to learn that are included make it a guarantee that you child will find content delivered in a means that reaches them and ensures their retention. Currently Kid Start Spanish is available with a $15 dollar Trial-offer. So go ahead and give it a shot And keep that child’s head in the books!


  1. Sanjiv Dekstra

    August 17, 2012 at 5:09 pm · Reply

    This is great research, as a dad who has a hard time stepping away from work and making time for his family I'm glad to see the word getting out to other dads. I've seen the impact it's had on my youngest sons development. Keep up the great work Ricardo!

  2. Steph

    August 30, 2012 at 9:02 pm · Reply

    HAAAA! That is SO TRUE. I took five years of Spanish yet remain the English seaikpng gringa that I always was.I'd still love to learn Spanish.

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