Kids, Science and our Future

By Ricardo Cuevas on August 26, 2012 in Learn Spanish for Kids with 1 Comment

Kids, Science and our Future

This is one of my first posts that doesn’t pertain to Spanish for Kids. But it’s something that’s equally important to me. I took my son along with some friends to the local science center today. The place was packed! Absolutely, no room to walk, stretch your arms out, or get good seats to any shows during the day unless you arrived an hour early. Even though I am not a fan of huge crowds, in this particular instance I got a real sense of excitement. The occasion was $5 day at the science center. Right from the moment we drove up we saw cars everywhere, huge crowds crossing the street to get from the parking lot to the center. It was a very rainy day here in Orlando, we have the effects of hurricane Isaac passing by. Yet, all of these people prepared early, packed up their kids and headed to the science center for a day of fun and learning. By doing this they are instilling a love of learning in each and everyone of these children. There were funny noise making pipes, stethoscopes, tree houses, clay stations, water flow lesson stations, movies, interactive games, dinosaur bones, dinosaur digs, and on and on. I saw more friends there than I’d seen in a long time. Everyone was overjoyed. As I chatted with different folks I couldn’t help but think of how this day was different from the typical day we spend at the science center. The science center is usually full of drab stations with half of the functionality not operating, huge parts of the center being closed for some kind of work, parents that walk through the stations as if there is no life left in them. But this day was different, everyone was excited, learning was cool on this day. So I started thinking, why? Why was this day different. One answer became blatantly clear, and that is the sense of community and the sense of excitement. I believe some call is “Group Think”. It’s that sense that there are all of these people in here that share in your thought and everyone’s energy feeds off each other.

This is the same exact reason why the only time I go to the movie theater to see a movie is on opening night. Because although my ultimate wish is that everyone is as quiet as possible, I still enjoy the energy of those around me being big fans of the movie or character or story line that we’re about to spend the next few hours with. So the next logical question is how can we bring this energy to more people, to truly get more people going to this center and bring in enough resources so that all of the stations can be open all of the time, and not just during special occasions? Well, I’m a big fan of “what works” and what worked in today’s case was the lower price. The big hurdle on most days is if you have kids, you can expect to pay about $15 a pop for each of those kids and $17 for each adult. This is a large investment for a family of 4 or 5 and specially in this economy.

If the average family has a hard time visiting these centers on a regular basis then the community, corporations, and the government need to step in to provide the help. There can be no more important issue in our country than the education of our children, our future. Furthermore, centers such as this one power our children’s imagination and help inspire future generations to be as good and greater than the previous. Without these shining beams of light our children’s imaginations are left grounded. No child grows up wanting to be an accountant, nothing wrong with that proffession, its just not…..inspiring. We need to look forward to a future where kids can grow their imagination and keep that flame light, even in difficult times such as these we must depend on children who can look past the tough times and help power the good times that still lie ahead. Without a dream none of that happens.

There are people out there that are behind these causes, earlier this year this particular center received a $50,000 grant from the local power company. But we need to do more to get the word out, this is real, we need this. We need our future and our future needs us at this time.

Does the community have any ideas as to how we can help these types of places, just getting more people aware that they’re there would help. Any other ideas?


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  1. Sanjiv Dekstra

    August 26, 2012 at 8:26 pm · Reply

    I agree that we must put more emphasis on the sciences for our children. My kids go to our local museum at least once a month. However, I don't believe that the sciences should be our only focus for our children. I think creativity and arts are just important for the betterment of our world. This is just my opinion.

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