Peer pressure, the good kind!

By Ricardo Cuevas on September 23, 2011 in child reading blog with No Comments

As I was brushing my little boy’s hair this morning he screams out ¡No!, ¡Para!, ¡Me dueree! (he has trouble with the word “Duele”, the Spanish word for “hurts”). Since I was brushing his hair very softly, I knew there was no way this was actually hurting. So I try to explain to him that he needs to look good for daycare, “Don’t you want to look for your teacher?” this doesn’t work. He goes on, ¡Papi tengo hambre! (I’m hungry in Spanish). I know this is his other way of getting out of things that he doesn’t want to do, especially since he’d just eaten a big breakfast. So I figure that I need to try something new. Having little ones means having to come up with new and creative ways to do the same ole’ things you do. So, I think…then..I start to brush my own hair. Sure enough, 30 seconds in, he can’t stand it anymore. Papi, ¡Cepilla my cabello!! ¡Dame! ¡Dame el Cepillo!…. BINGO! we brush his hair and off to school we go. So I start to think “how does this apply to what Lydia teaches?” and sure enough it makes perfect sense. That’s the reason Reading Amigo has kids teaching other kids Spanish in it. The kids in the program “Saltan”(jump) and that’s why children instinctively “Saltan” when watching it. It’s peer pressure, but without all the bad connotations, it’s the good kind of peer pressure. It’s children teaching children, and that’s why it’s so effective. I had an AHA! moment this morning and I couldn’t be happier about it.

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