Three Common Myths About Raising Bilingual Children

By Ricardo Cuevas on February 17, 2016 in Learn Spanish for Kids with No Comments

Three Common Myths About Raising Bilingual Children

By the age of two, children are typically able to say a few hundred words. My son, Alexander, was able to understand almost everything in both languages—Greek and English—but he could say only six words. Like many parents, we questioned if we were doing something wrong.

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Our concerns grew as we watched younger kids overtake his speaking ability. (Even experts can’t escape the fear and guilt that comes with being a parent).


A number of enduring myths surround bilingualism, such as that it causes language delays and cognitive impairments. However, research shows that raising a child bilingually does not cause language learning difficulties. Any lag in language development is temporary, so parents shouldn’t worry!

Here are some more common myths debunked:

Raising Your Child Bilingually Can Cause a Delay in Development

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