New year, New website, New Challenges!

New year, New website, New Challenges!

2020 has certainly started off with a bang. There’s lots of new challenges and new experiences. Our old website went down so we lost all of our old blog posts, we’ve had to work on a completely new one. Homeschooling an ADHD child has certainly been a challenge. As usual, it’s our own fault. With so much stress from the virus and the uncertainty we’ve been unable to keep even basic tenets of our household such as a steady bedtime, consistent mealtimes and our chore schedule it out the window. Lots of uncertainty at this point.  

In light of the virus we’ve reduced our pricing for the existing kid start spanish program and are working with schools to provide even further discounted pricing. We hope you’ll be with on this new journey. Please feel free to write to us or comment with your thoughts.

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